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TufTech L™

TufTech™ L product line is a PVC based material specifically designed for the lining of old underground pipe lines to alleviate leaks, inflows or eventual blockage from invasive tree roots.

The TufTech™ L material is extruded into ‘Fold and Form’ pipe liners where installer pull the liner through the old pipe to create a liner.

The uniqueness of S&E’s material is its ability to expand under heat and pressure to inflate against the pipe and remain tight against the pipe as it cools. This ‘trenchless’ or ‘no-dig’ technology’ material is unique for those capabilities.

Using S&E Specialty Polymers TufTech™ L for underground pipe repair provides extruders and installers the confidence that one of the best materials is being used for the application.

S&E has the capability to pre-color the TufTech™ L material to any Pantone color to give any extruder their unique color.

ID Data SheetApplicationPolymerDurometerSpecific GravityTensile, psiElongation, %Injection / Extrusion
12-041specialty polymers datasheet

A PVC based semi-rigid compound designed for general purpose use in extruded form, including piping applications.
68, Shore D1.27410025E
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