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S&E Specialty Polymers LLC, a leading producer of specialty plastic compounds, has recently developed a new environmentally friendly, polypropylene based, zero halogen, flame retardant extrusion grade compound. Our first offering in this market is the TufFill™ NH PK21A2. This compound has strong antistatic properties and is primarily designed for packaging applications, specifically for industrial and consumer electronics markets.

The compound is both RoHS and REACH compliant, has UL 94 V-O VTM-0 flame ratings along with good low moisture absorption and chemical resistance. Additionally, the TufFill™NH PK21A2 compound has anti-static properties of 10×1011 and can be scored and folded into 3D packages. This provides the user to die-cut, store and shipped flat their packages for easier on-site fabrication.

BrandIDData SheetApplicationPolymerTensile, PSIElongation, %Specific Gravity
TufFill NH™
plastic compounding datasheet

A polypropylene based, zero halogen, flame retardant compound with antistatic designed for packaging appilcations.PP, LSOH2390
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