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S&E Specialty Polymers maintains a state of the art quality control laboratory capable of testing to various ASTM, ISO, UL and other publicized standards.  Our laboratory includes a separate environmental room capable of meeting strict temperature and humidity control.  Most of our compound’s physical properties are conditioned and tested by qualified laboratory technicians using calibrated automated test equipment located in this environmental room.  This provides confidence that our testing is consistent from technician to technician and from order to order.

Where required, our quality lab can provide accelerated weathering testing using our Atlas Xenon Weatherometer.  This simulated testing can provide confidence that our compounds will pass exterior weathering applications in a fraction of the time involved in actual exterior weathering.

Our Quality Control / Research and Development Laboratories are equipped with the following:

  • State of the art environmental control room
  • Boy 30M Injection Molding Machine
  • Atlas HVUL Burn Chamber
  • RH19 4FP Oxygen Index Unit – Fire Testing Technology
  • Impact Units
    • Falling weight and IZOD
  • Zwick/Roell Tensiometer with Extensometer
  • Tinius Olsen Tensiometer
  • 3 – Plastometers (Melt Index)
  • 4 – Durometers (Type Shore A and D) equipped with automated test stands
  • Color Measurement Equipment
    • Atlas Xenon Weather-Ometer
    • Minolta CR300 Colorimeter
    • X-Rite Spectrophotometer
    • BYK Gardner Gloss Meter
    • MacBeth Light Booths
  • Javelin Chromachip V CCTV Camera with Microscope
  • Mettler HR-73 Halogen Moisture Analyzer
  • Analytical Balances
  • Constant Temperature Water Bath
  • 4 – Single Screw Lab Extruders
  • CW Brabender PL2200 Plasticorder Digi-System with Mixer and Measuring Head
  • Taber 5130 Abraser
  • 3 –  Two-Roll Mills
  • 4 – Carver Presses (Hot / Cold)
  • 4 – Testing Ovens
  • 1 – ScienTemp LoCold Freezer
  • Ross Flex Tester
  • 28mm Twin Screw Sample / Production Line
  • Perkin Elmer Analytical Array
    • TAC 7/DX Thermal Analysis Controller
    • TGA 7 Thermogravimetric Analyzer
    • System 2000 FT-IR
    • DSC 7 Differentiating Scanning Calorimeter
  • HP 4339A High Resistance Meter
  • HP 16008B Resistivity Cell
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