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TPR : Thermoplastic Rubber

TPR : Thermoplastic Rubber

S&E Specialty Polymers is a leading manufacturer of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Compounds that are available for a wide-range of applications. These compounds are formulated using Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) or Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene (SEBS) block co-polymers. These materials have many of the same properties as vulcanized rubbers, but can be molded and extruded using conventional thermoplastic process equipment. Thermoplastic processing provides advantages over vulcanized, thermoset rubbers which are processed using a slower and more costly curing process. Most of our TRP formulations are 100% recyclable and are RoHS compliant.

Some typical applications of TPR compounds are footwear products, gaskets, cable jacketing, toys, automotive applications, soft touch over-molding and general purpose molded goods. These compounds can be formulated to provide weather resistance, ozone resistance, low temperature flexibility as well as excellent resistance to many chemicals. They are light weight and can be colored to meet your requirements.

BrandIDData SheetApplicationPolymerDurometerSpecific GravityTensile, PSIElongation, %Ross FlexTabor Abrasion
specialty polymers datasheet

Thermoplastic rubber material designed for winter boot applications requiring excellent abrasion and stitch tear. Available in a wide range of colors.
TPR46 A1.04
specialty polymers datasheet

A TPR boot outsole compound.
TPR48 A0.901490
specialty polymers datasheet

A TPR boot shaft compound.
TPR46 A0.90500
specialty polymers datasheet

TPR80 A1.001500
TufPrene™EXC 11-016 405 Blackspecialty polymers datasheet

A general purpose Thermoplastic Elastomer designed for wire and cable applications. 105°C flexible, extrusion grade and injection moldable material with excellent low temperature properties.TPR76 A1.072500732
TufPrene™EXC-12-00375A Naturalspecialty polymers datasheet

A Thermoplastic Elastomer designed for wire and cable applications. 125°C flexible, extrusion grade material with excellent low temperature properties.TPR75 (±3) A1.00 (±0.03)4909650
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