TufFill NH TM GTPO8293-44AL

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TufFill NH TM GTPO8293-44AL

plastic polymer datasheet

Application: A polypropylene based, zero halogen, flame retardant, 105°C rated compound with good processing and mechanical characteristics.

Note: Custom color matching is available upon request


PropertyUnitsTypical ValueTest Method
HardnessShore D33ASTM D2240
Specific GravityNA1.30 ASTM D792
Tensile Strengthpsi 1,650ASTM D412
Elongation%800ASTM D412
Oxygen Index% 30.5 ASTM D2863
Melt Flow, 190°C / 21.6kgg/10 minutes5.0 ASTM D 1238
Brittleness Temperature°C <-55 ASTM D746
Deformation, 121°C / 2000g %18UL 2556

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