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TufFlex™ – GF-6107

plastic polymer datasheet

Application: PVC/Nitrile alloy material designed for work book applications.

Property Units Value Test Method
Durometer (+/-3)
Inst/15 sec 24 hr value
Shore A68/58ASTM D-2240
Specific Gravity (+/-0.03)NA1.21ASTM D-792
Tensile StrengthPSI1,800ASTM D-412
Elongation%400ASTM D-412
Rossflex @ -20100,000+ASTM D-1052
NBS Abrasion%284ASTM D-1630
DIN Abrasionmm3 10N/40m136DIN - 53516
Coefficient of Friction
Varnished Wood
Dry - 1.59
Wet - 1.25
ASTM D1894
Coefficient of Friction
Dry - 1.64
Wet - 1.32
ASTM D1894
Coefficient of Friction
Mason Tiles
Dry - 0.80
Wet - 0.57
ASTM D1894
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