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TufFlex TM GTPE-2272-6500

plastic polymer datasheet

Application: A 105°C, UV and fungi resistant, flame retardant, TPE jacketing material with excellent low temperature properties. GTPE-2272-6500 is RoHS Compliant.

Base Item Number: GTPE22726500
Note: Custom color matching is available upon request


PropertyUnitsTypical ValueTest Method
Specific Gravity NA1.33 (±0.03) ASTM D792
Durometer, 15 secShore A79 (±3) ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength PSI1,800ASTM D412
Aged 7 days, 136°C % of Original 95 UL Standard
Oil Aged 4 days, 100°C% of Original 85UL Standard
Elongation% 500ASTM D412
Aged 7 days, 136°C% of Original80UL Standard
Oil Aged 4 days, 100°C % of Original85UL Standard
Oxygen Index% 36ASTM D2863
Brittle Point °C-59 ASTM D746
Deformation, 150°C/2kg%40UL 2556
Fungi Resistance 0 - 4 0 - 1ASTM G21

Aging tests performed on 30 mil specimens

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