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Toll Compounding

S&E Specialty Polymers proudly offers its customers complete toll compounding services. The manufacturer supplies S&E with the raw materials and the formulas they wish to use. These formulations can range from high temperature, high strength engineering thermoplastics to soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomers. The customer then benefits from S&E’s extensive processing knowledge and engineering experience.

Our toll compounding services include blending, coating and treating, screening, private labeling and custom packaging. Being registered to ISO 9001:2008, we offer best in class color development and production repeatability, as well as a state of the art R&D and QC laboratory. Our well-equipped laboratory includes a light booth, Izod pendulum impact tester, Xenon Weather-ometer, hardness testers, spectrophotometers, tensile tester, volume and surface resistivity tester,a 430M injection molding machine and several lab extruders. Our expertise is vast and includes such vital components as:

  • Plastic resin recycling
  • Custom blending and pelletizing
  • Flame retardant and zero halogen compounds
  • Specialty compounding and warehousing
  • Quality testing
  • Critical color matching and development
  • TPR for both injection molding and extrusion applications
  • Foamed semi-rigid PVC
  • Conductive ThermoPlastic Compounding
  • Conductive Composite testing
  • Research and Development

Making use of our toll compounding services can help your company process your exact compound formulation, add specialty compounds to your product line, decrease your overall lead time, increase your manufacturing capacity, and enhance your research capabilities. Contact us today to take advantage of all S&E can offer your company.

At the same time, we are also a solution provider. If you have any creative or innovative ideas utilizing plastic materials, please talk to us. Not only can we help you to verify the feasibility, we can also fulfill you with all necessary components leading to your success. Our experienced engineering team and lab crew can do small scale concept proving, scaling up experiments, and full production all in house.

We have the capability, confidence and experience to take multi-million pounds of work. We also welcome innovative, small compounding jobs.

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